Smart algorithms based on behavioral science.

Weight management made achievable and sustainable through a display-free scale with an innovative app, with results to back it up.

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How Shapa Works

Scientifically-proven formula devised for you.

Shapa takes the best of behavioral science to combine these three building blocks that are crucial for behavior change.

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Being healthy is not a one-time decision. We need reminders to prompt us to make healthy choices.


Through tips and nudges, Shapa helps us understand what behaviors improve our health.


Through personalized daily missions, Shapa helps build long-term healthy habits.

The Science behind Shapa

Background: 3 Key Principles

Real People, Real Results

We compared Shapa users to
regular scale users over 12 weeks.

% Weight Change

On average, people using a standard sale lost/gained between -0.78% to 1.22% of their body weight in 12 weeks. People using Shapa lost between 0.88% to -0.40%*. *95% confidence intervals

weight loss

Of the Shapa users who lost weight, they lost an average of 5.8 pounds in 12 weeks.

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